Mission Statement
Cancer Care Club is a non-profit organization established in July 2001 who’s purpose is to ensure that no one will miss a doctor’s appointment or their chemo/radiation treatment or go hungry because of cancer and to help and serve patients and their families fighting cancer or in the recuperation stage of the disease in a way that best centers around their needs.   Our main focus is and will continue to be locally in the Buffalo Trace area.

Has your life been touched by cancer and/or do you wish that you could help? If so, you can join us the first Monday of every month (unless it falls on a holiday, then it’s the following Monday). Our meetings are held at Cancer Care Club at 353 East Water Street in Flemingsburg, Ky 41041.

If you have any questions regarding our next meeting time, please call us at (606) 748-4524, email us, or fax us.

Call us to get information on volunteer openings for your non-profit organization, club or team. You may review the Volunteer Agreement for detailed requirements for organizations, clubs, or teams. Must be Non-Profit and provide a copy of your 501(3)c status letter.

The services that are provided by Cancer Care Club include, but are not limited to the following:


•Gas Cards
•Grocery Cards
•Wigs/Hair Pieces (through VDK Turning Point @ Grogans)
•Transportation (via Licking Valley CAP, Inc.)
•Heating Fuel
•Prescription Assistance

Cancer Care Club DOES NOT AND WILL NOT HELP on items we consider a luxury (i.e Cell Phone bills, Cable/Satellite bills, etc.).

Any cancer patient undergoing current treatment can request assistance from Cancer Care Club either by phone or by email. To determine eligibility, certain guidelines must be met. The guidelines are as follows:

• Provide a copy of your pathology report from your doctor
• Provide a treatment plan from your doctor
• Your correct name and physical address

We require a pathology report and a statement from your physician outlining your treatment plan. At times, we may request a current progress note from your physician. Other cases may require further records and/or documentation from your doctor. You will receive help from Cancer Care Club as long as you are receiving treatment.  For more information, please Contact Us.



President – Phyllis P Ritchie*
Vice President – Randy Sergent
Secretary – Laken Calvert
Treasurer – Gordon Peratt*
Bookkeeper – Rose Richmond

Board Members

Doug Stone
Mark DeHart
Ida Hinton
Ronnie Richmond
Hazel Davis


Terrance Jackson
Tim Ritchie*
Melanie Jones*
Sheila Marshall-Lamb*
Megan D Ritchie

*=denotes active Founding member